Food Collection 6 Cartoon Clipart

$45 $24


Bundle of images includes the following:

A cup of apple yogurt
A beige plastic cup of creamy yogurt, sealed by a plastic seal lid, with images of three red apples and leaves label

A can of baked beans
A tin can of pork and beans, wrapped in a red label with a green, orange white with a photo of a bowl of beans design

A big bottle of catsup
A bottle of condiment with a black twist cap, wrapped with a pink, orange, white and red tomato label

A blueberry muffin
A fluffy baked blueberry muffin in a beige muffin paper, bits of purple blueberries peeking out of the top

A box of cereal
A white box with an orange and white design, photo of blue sky, white clouds, sun, greens and a red bowl of cereal and silver spoon printed on the box

A bubble gum packaging
A pink with white, green and a photo of a blue with yellow candy, rectangular packaging of a bubble gum

A round homemade cake
A round chocolate layered cake with white and pink icing, all placed on a yellow plate, a cute red cherry is placed on top of the cake

A freshly baked potatoes and cheese
A white with green rectangular ceramic baking dish, with a white spoon, a batch of orange potato like food with brown bits are placed inside

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