Hindu Deities Collection 1 Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

The God Brahma
A Hindu God called Brahma, with heads on four directions, white mustache and beard, eyelids painted with black liner and forehead tainted with a red paint, while wearing a gold headdress, pink vest, gold pants and trinkets on his arms and feet, flower necklace, hands holding a pink flower, beads, money and pot

The Hindu Goddess Durga
A Hindu Goddess called Durga, with eight arms and wearing a golden spiked headdress, pink with gold and green robe, flower necklace, a pink scarf on her arms, hoop nose ring and dangling gold earrings, hands holding multiple armors and a pink flower

The Hindu God Ganesh
A Hindu God called Ganesh, with a gold spiked headdress, elephant nose and ears, wearing a green robe and gold pants, multiple trinkets and jewels on his arms and neck, hands holding an ax, flower and a bowl of golden eggs, while seated on a purple chair

The Hindu God Hanuman
A Hindu God called Hanuman with a long golden tail, wearing a golden orange headdress, scarf, slippers, necklaces and different jewels on his arms, feet and neck, red shorts, hands holding a multiple colored scepter and a plate full of green leaves

The Hindu Goddess Kali
A Hindu Goddess called Kali with blue skin, ten arms and wearing a big gold crown on her head, long flower necklace, hands holding multiple battle weapons, a bowl of fire and a head, lips parted to show her tongue

The Hindu Goddess Krishna
A Hindu Goddess called Krishna, with blue skin, golden crown, wearing gold pant, pink and green scarf, flower necklace and a big green headdress, multiple gold jewelry on her neck, arms and wrist, smiles while playing the gold flute on her hands

The Hindu Goddess Lakshmi
A Hindu Goddess called Lakshmi, with four arms, a gold headdress, long dark brown hair, and wearing a traditional Hindu clothes in orange, pink and gold, arms and neck adorned with jewels, hands holding a pink flower

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