Homeless Women Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A homeless and hungry woman with a black dog
A woman with brown hair, wearing a blue green jacket with a hood and rusty orange lining, sitting on the street with her black dog that has a stainless chain collar, legs covered in a bluish gray dirty and tattered blanket, a rectangular cardboard with a homeless plus hungry sign is placed in front of them, lips sealed in a frown, as she raises her right hand to beg for money

An ashamed homeless woman
A woman with ponytailed blonde hair with bangs, wearing a dark pink shirt, black cropped leggings, green with white sneakers, seated on a dirty gray cloth, head bowing down to the left side, knees lifted while holding a brown cardboard sign saying A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way, a bottled water and cup is placed beside her

An old homeless woman
An old woman wearing a grayish blue with white marks head cover, a white dress with blue and gray print and patch, gray shoes, sitting on a gray bench while extending her right palm up front to beg for some money

A hungry homeless woman
A woman with ponytailed brown hair, wearing a violet jacket, covering her legs with a rusty red torn blanket, bowing her head to hide while holding a cardboard sign in her left hand that reads Homeless Hungry God Bless, as her right hand holds a blue with red cup

A homeless woman with her dog
A woman with ponytailed brown hair, wearing a black rimmed eyeglasses, dark blue jacket with brown fur hood, sitting beside her white dog with droopy ears, legs covered in a dirty and patched beige cloth, a small dark reddish orange sack is placed in front, together with a cardboard sign asking for donation, their packed things and a dark blue bag is placed to her left

A homeless woman with her kid begging
A woman with ponytailed black hair, wearing a green long sleeved shirt, teal pants and black shoes, sitting on the floor, carrying her baby on her lap while covered in blue fabric, looking sad and depressed while holding a gray bowl in her left hand to ask for coins or money

A homeless woman reading a book
A woman with curly blonde hair, wearing a dark pink sweatshirt, torn gray pants and black shoes, sitting on the floor with her black luggage and brown cloth, a stainless pail, yellow bottle and green can, left hand holding a yellow booklet

A homeless woman with her child
A woman with brown hair, wearing a red bandana covering her mouth and upper head, grayish white jacket and pale yellow slippers, sitting on the floor, legs covered in a blue cloth with flower prints, closes her eyes as she carries her baby on her lap, who is wearing a white bonnet and beige jacket, sucking a white with orange pacifier in his mouth, a green cup is placed in front of them for donations

A sleeping homeless woman in the street
A woman with brown hair, wearing a black jacket with hood, sleeping on the street, legs covered by a army camouflage printed cloth, as a cardboard sign that reads homeless please help, is placed on her feet, left hand holding on to a red cup that she uses to beg for money

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