Hotel Housekeepers Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A female housekeeper wiping a night stand
A woman with orange ponytailed hair, wearing a violet and white housekeeper uniform, white apron, black with white shoes, smirks while wiping a beige and grayish brown bedside table using a light gray cloth in her left hand, as right hand holds a pink spray bottle

A female housekeeper polishing the floor
A woman with curly brown hair and a red dot on her forehead, wearing a red and white housekeeper uniform, white apron, red bandana, and gray shoes, smirks while cleaning the floor using a blue mechanical floor polisher

A female housekeeper changing the bed sheets
A woman with blond hair, wearing a black housekeeper dress, white apron and ruffled headband, black shoes, smirks while arranging a white blanket of the pink bed

A female housekeeper delivering some fresh towels
A black (African American) woman with curly short black hair, wearing a green housekeeper dress, white apron, yellow gloves and black shoes, smirks while carrying a pile of freshly pressed and folded sheets

A female housekeeper mopping the floor
A woman with blonde ponytailed hair, wearing a pink ruffled headband, apron, gray housekeeper uniform, white shoes, smirks while cleaning the floor, using the gray and blue mop in her hands

A female housekeeper delivering pillows
A woman with curly brown hair, wearing a ruffled white headband, grayish blue and orange housekeeper dress uniform, orange apron, and blue shoes, smirks while carrying two white pillows under her arms

A happy female housekeeper dusting
A woman with short blond hair, wearing a gray housekeeper dress uniform, white apron and headband, black shoes, grins while holding a purple feather duster in her right hand

A female housekeeper making a bed
A woman with black hair, wearing a pink and white housekeeper dress uniform, white apron and bandana, smirks while fixing the white sheets of a bed with purple frame and a white pillow covered in an orange case

A female housekeeper pushing a cart
A woman with reddish brown ponytailed hair, wearing a white and violet housekeeper dress, violet apron, ruffled headband, white leggings and shoes, blue gloves, smiles while pushing a gray housekeeping wheeled cart

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