Indian Merchants Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

An Indian Merchant Creating Pots
An Indian man with black hair, mustache, wearing a colorful turban, blue shirt, pale yellow shorts, sitting on a stool, as he molds a clay pot, using a potters wheel

An Indian Merchant Selling Grains
An Indian man with black hair, wearing a traditional dirty white lower garment clothing, light blue cloth sash, smiles while carrying a brown grains basket container

An Indian Merchant Painting Traditional Figurines
An Indian man with dark gray hair, mustache, and beard, wearing a traditional grayish blue upper garment, purple lower garment, with a pink cloth sash, sits on the beige mat on the floor, while painting several traditional figurines, using a paintbrush and several cans of colored paints

An Indian Merchant Making And Selling Horseshoes
An Indian man with black hair, wearing a yellow turban, dark gray traditional upper garment, yellow pants, brown sandals, smiles while sitting on a gray stool, as he makes several steel horseshoes, using a hammer and a big cast iron anvil

An Indian Merchant Selling Plants
An Indian Man with black hair, wearing a pin turban, light green polo shirt with buttons, over a traditional red loin clothing, smiles while using a carrying pole to transport some plants that he is selling

An Indian Merchant Selling Rice And Curry Spices
An Indian man with long black hair, mustache, wearing a red turban, traditional yellow orange upper garment over white pants, teal slippers, shuts his eyes and smiles, as he sits in a gray stool while selling different types of curry powder and grains in sacks, baskets and jars

An Indian Merchant Selling Fresh Fruits
An Indian man with curly black hair, wearing a blue with gold turban, blue traditional clothing with an orange and yellow vest, dark gray sandals, smiles while crossing his arms over his chest, as he sells several fruits like watermelon, mangoes, oranges, bananas, and apples, on the white table, crate, and basket

An Indian Merchant Selling Spices
An Indian man with dark brown mustache, beard, wearing an orange turban, white traditional clothing with purple belt, smiles while selling different kinds of spices on the gray table, as well as spices inside a jar displayed in shelves

A Friendly Indian Merchant Selling Vegetables
An Indian man with curly black hair and mustache, wearing a traditional white clothing with orange belt, fuchsia turban, smiles while selling crops and vegetables like pumpkin, tomato, potatoes on a brown table