Kids Waking Up Collection

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A black boy turning off his alarm clock
A black boy with curly hair, wearing green pajamas, lying down in a blue and white bed with red and blue mattress, light blue pillow, blue blanket covering his legs, frowns while turning off his red alarm clock on top of his blue bedside table

A happy girl stretches her body upon waking up
A girl with black hair, wearing yellow green pajamas and white socks, shuts her eyes and stretches her arms, after waking up in her pink bed, right hand holding the edge of her white blanket

A young and happy girl waking up in the morning
A girl with blond hair, wearing a pink pajama dress with ruffled green lining, pink slippers, grins in happiness as she stretches her hands in the air to stretch after getting up from her black bed, with white mattress, green blanket and blue pillow

A young girl gets ready to start a new day
A young girl with brown hair, wearing an orange pajama dress with white lining, violet slippers, smirks after getting up from her gray bed with blue mattress, white pillow and folded pink blanket

A young girl folding her blanket
A small girl with blond hair, wearing a purple pajama dress with red collar, blue slippers, smirks while folding the pink blanket in her hands, after getting up from her orange bed with white mattress and pillow

A young Asian boy waking up in the morning
A boy with black hair, wearing blue pajamas and white socks, stretches and yawns after waking up in his bed with a brown bed frame, gray mattress, light gray blanket and white pillow

A young black girl gets ready to start her day
A young black girl with curly hair, wearing light blue pajamas with teal collar and cuffs, white socks, gets up her bed with red and white frame, white mattress, pink pillow, purple blanket, to slip on her blue slippers

A young boy gets ready to start his day
A young boy with brown black hair, wearing gray pajamas, white with blue socks, smirks while getting up his bed with black frame, blue mattress, white blanket, pillow with pink side ruffles, to stand and wear his red slippers

A young boy turning off his alarm
A young boy with blond hair, wearing yellow pajamas with white cuffs, light grayish blue socks, smiles while turning off his blue alarm clock on a gray bedside table, as he gets up from his bed with gray frame, white mattress, blue pillow and red blanket

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