Life Insurance Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

Family Life Insurance
A paper cutout of a woman, boy, girl, man, and a green umbrella with the word life insurance

Caring Hands Holding A Family Cutout
A paper cutout of a family hand in hand, on a pair of hands

Life Insurance Policy
Two white sheets of life insurance policy paper, that is signed by a black ink

A Hand Underlining The Word Life Insurance
A right hand holding a blue pen with black ink, writes and underlines the word life insurance

Insurance Application Questionnaire
A right hand holding a blue pen, checking a box of an insurance questionnaire

A Hand Carrying A Life Insurance Heart
A hand securing and taking care of a floating red heart, with the words life insurance on it

A Hand Signing A Life Insurance Policy
A white paper life insurance policy document, being held and signed by a right hand, using a brown silver pen, with a black ink

Insurance Protection
A colorful silhouette of a blue man, green boy, pink girl, yellow woman, being happy, as the man and woman raise their arms to form a roof over the head of the boy and girl

An Umbrella Over A Piggy Bank Representing Life Insurance Protection
A purplish pink piggy bank, with a blue umbrella to protect it, being held by a left hand