Male Circus Performers Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A Male Circus Flame Thrower
A man with brown hair, wearing a red dress shirt with rolled up sleeves, black vest, pants, blue with white sneakers, grins while raising his arms sideways while holding a pair of stick that has been lighted up by fire

A Male Circus Rings Performer
A man with black hair, wearing a black and white sleeveless top and shorts, grins while raising both of his arms and right leg sideways, as he spins and balances four gold rings in each of his arms and legs

A Male Circus Clown
A man wearing a pink curly wig on the sides of his head and a pair of pink eyebrows, white face paint with green markings around his eyes, and pink outline around his lips, round red nose, striped green and yellow sweater with collar, pants, red jumper, white gloves, teal boots, parts his lips in happiness while stretching the straps of his jumper using his thumb in both hands

A Male Cyr Wheel Performer
A man with brown hair, wearing a sleeveless dark gray tank top, red elastic strap belt, black pants, grins while doing some balancing tricks in the middle of a big white ring

A Confident Male Circus Trapeze Performer
A man with blonde hair wearing a green with white and yellow shirt, pants, decorative white belt with yellow drapes, grins while hanging on a swinging trapeze bar

A Happy Male Circus Trapeze Act
A man with dark brown hair, wearing a blue with white and red tights, black shoes, parts his lips to smile in delight as he spreads his arms sideways, while balancing his midsection on a swinging trapeze bar

A Male Circus Juggler Act
A man with blonde hair, wearing a purple long sleeves shirt with a white and yellow accent, purple pants, white with yellow sneakers, smiles while juggling three red rings

A Male Tightrope Walking Circus Performer
A black man with curly hair, wearing a yellow track suit, white shoes, parts his lips in delight while carrying a horizontal white bar to help him balance his body while walking on a thin brown rope

A Male Circus Ringmaster
A man with blonde hair, wearing a red with black top hat, red ringmaster tailcoat with gold accent shoulder pads and buttons, white dress shirt, black bow tie, pants, and shoes, white gloves, parts his lips to smile in delight while holding a whip with a black grip