Male Sanitation Workers Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A cool sanitation worker
A man with brown hair, wearing a blue cap, dark sunglasses with an orange frame, green with gray sweater, gray gloves and shorts, brown boots, throwing a gray garbage bag on to the back of a blue garbage truck, as he drags a blue garbage bin full of brown paper bags, using his right hand

A black male sanitation worker
A black (African American) man wearing a dark blue cap, collared shirt with orange and yellow bib, light gray sweatshirt underneath, gray gloves, dark gray pants and brown shoes, carrying two black garbage bags in his hands

A strong black male sanitation worker
A bald black guy wearing dark teal overalls and black boots, carrying two heavy gray garbage cans in both hands, and a black garbage bag hanging from his left thumb

A rugged male sanitation worker
A man wearing an orange hard hat, gray shirt under an orange with green vest, orange gloves, gray pants and brown boots, smirks while carrying a black garbage bag in his left hand

A male sanitation worker dumping garbage in the truck
A male sanitation worker with grayish brown hair, wearing a blue cap, green sweater with yellow lines, dark blue pants and gray shoes, dumping garbage on the green bin of the gray garbage truck

A young and sad male sanitation worker
A man with brown black hair, wearing a blue cap, dark blue sweater with hood, dark gray shorts and shoes, white socks, frowns while pushing a green garbage bin with a dark gray lid and black wheels

Two black male sanitation workers on the back of a garbage truck
Two black male sanitation workers, wearing a blue cap, green with yellow line shirt, gray pants and gloves, black shoes, hop on a gray and orange garbage truck

A veteran male sanitation worker
A man with gray hair, wearing gray sunglasses, blue cap, jacket with green vest, gray gloves and pants, brown boots, smirks while pulling a blue trash bin with black wheels in his left hand

Two male sanitation workers dumping garbage into the truck
Two men wearing orange hard hats, green with white vests, brown gloves, gray shirts, dark gray pants and black shoes, dump the contents of garbage cans to the rusty orange garbage truck bin

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