Men Swimming Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A Chubby Swimmer
A chubby man with curly brown hair, wearing a pink goggles with transparent glasses, blue with gray shorts, holds his breath while swimming underwater

A Happy Man Swimming Freestyle
A man with blonde hair, wearing a white with green wavy shorts, smiles while swimming freestyle

A Happy Male Swimmer Doing Backstroke
A black man with curly hair, wearing a red swim shorts, closes his eyes and smiles while swimming backstroke

A Sleek Male Swimmer
A man with black hair, wearing a blue swim trunks, smirks while freestyle swimming

A Man Out For A Swim
A black man with cornrow hair, wearing a white tank top, apple green shorts, smiles while freestyle swimming

A Man Swimming Easily Underneath The Water
A man with dark brown hair, wearing a yellow shirt, orange shorts, smirks while breaststroke swimming

A Man Swimming Underwater
A man with reddish brown hair, wearing a blue shorts with white flower prints, closes his mouth while swimming underwater

A Male Swimmer Doing A Butterfly Stroke
A man with sleek blonde hair, mustache and beard, wearing a pair of red swim shorts, smiles as he does a butterfly stroke while swimming

A Guy Swimming Freely
A man with curly dark brown hair, wearing a purple shirt, orange shorts, smiles while freestyle swimming