Multi Cultural Kids Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A Japanese Boy Holding A Pinwheel
A boy with black hair, wearing a traditional Japanese blue clothing, white socks, and wooden slippers, parts his lips while holding a colorful pinwheel in his right hand

An American Boy
A boy with blonde hair, wearing a black suit, white dress shirt, red necktie, black shoes, smiles while extending his arms in a warm welcoming gesture

A Mexican Boy
A boy with dark brown black hair, wearing a yellow with green, white, and red Mexican pattern sombrero, and poncho, blue pants, black shoes, shuts his eyes and grins while holding a yellow with blue, red, and white pattern maracas in his hands

An African Girl
A black girl with curly dark hair, wearing a pair of gold hoop earrings, violet with orange blouse, and long skirt, blue shoes, smiles while opening her arms in a friendly manner

An Irish Boy
A boy with blonde hair, wearing a green hat with black belt and gold buckle, green suit, shorts, red bow tie, white dress shirt, striped red and white socks, brown shoes with golden buckle, grins while waving

A Native American Girl
A girl with brown black braided hair, wearing a native American headband with triangular red and orange pattern, as well as white and red feathers with black ends, brown long sleeve traditional shirt, pants, red shoes, smiles while raising her right hand, and lifting her left leg back to dance

A Chinese Girl
A girl with black hair in a double bun secured by a pink tie, wearing a traditional red and gold Chinese dress, white shoes, smiles while looking very warm and welcoming

An Indian Boy
A boy with dark hair, wearing a white turban with a red gem in the middle, a yellow with white traditional shirt, yellow pants, and orange shoes with pointed ends, smiles while raising his left hand to wave hello

A Muslim Girl
A girl with dark brown hair, wearing a pink scarf wrapped around her head, long purple tunic, white pants, and violet shoes, parts her lips to smile in delight, as she places her hands together in a praying position