Ninjas Collection 2 Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A Meditating Ninja
A man wearing a black with blue ninja outfit, shuts his eyes while sitting on the floor to meditate

A Ninja With A Sword
A man with black hair, wearing a dark brown with yellow ninja outfit, doing a defensive stance while holding a samurai in his right hand

A Killer Ninja
A man wearing a sleuth dark blue green ninja clothing, holds a sharp metal knife in his right hand

A Jumping Ninja
A man wearing a covered dark forest green and brown ninja outfit, jumps up, as he carries a dark gray samurai sword at his back

A Ninja Throwing Ninja Stars
A man wearing a black and red ninja clothes and mask, throwing two gray ninja stars with his right hand

A Sleuth Ninja
A man wearing a dark red and gray ninja clothing with maks, leaps while holding a sword with a gold handle in his hands

A Poised Ninja Ready To Attack
A man wearing a black and dark gray ninja outfit and mask, lifts his right leg, and points a sharp sword forward

A Ninja Throwing A Ninja Star
A man wearing a green ninja outfit and mask, with a gray metal on the forehead, jumps to throw a gray ninja star in his left hand

An Angry Ninja
A man wearing a red with yellow ninja clothing and mask, looking very angry while holding a ninja star in his right hand, and a samurai sword in his left hand