Non Profit Collection 2 Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

Environmental Non Profit Sign
Tones of green and brown hands, with leaves branching out its arms, with a non profit wording in green font below

Give A Hand Illustration
Two hands handing out the word give in yellow font, that is floating on top of its palms

Magnified Non Profit Sign
A magnifying glass with a black grip, magnifies the word non profit in green font

Two Hands Reaching Out To Form A Non Profit Logo
Green illustration of two hands with the words non and profit, extending to help each other

Non Profit Heart Logo
A red illustration of silhouettes of three people, forming a heart shaped logo for a non profit organization

Hands Connected Forming A Heart Sign
Three hands of different races, go hand in hand, with red marks marked on their hands, and when connected, forms a red heart

Tearing Down The Profit Sign
Two hands tearing up the middle of a white sheet of paper with the word profit on it, as the word non, floats on top

Non Profit People Chain Sign
A green cutout of people hand in hand, with the words non pro fit, written in between the spaces

Hand Holding A Non Profit Sign
A right hand holding up a two tone blue non profit sign