Office Workers Collection 2 Cartoon Clipart

$45 $24


Bundle of images includes the following:

A female executive running a board meeting
A group of workers seated on a blue chair behind a big gray meeting table, listen to their female CEO with brown hair and wearing a black dress, to discuss the company revenue inside the board room, while they write down notes on a white paper, white teacups and saucer are placed on the table

A group of workers writing down several ideas for the next project
A trio of workers, two male and one female, discuss their ideas about work, the female with short blonde hair, wearing a white blouse, blue shirt and black heels checks data on her pink laptop, while a black guy wearing a light blue dress shirt, yellow necktie, gray pants and shoes, lean on the round gray table while writing together with a man with brown hair, wearing a dark teal suit, red necktie and white dress shirt, who is also seated behind the table

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