People Dining Out Collection 3 Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A couple celebrating their anniversary with a dinner for two
A man with brown hair, wearing a black suit, white dress shirt and dark blue necktie, looks excited while seated on a white chair behind a square table with white table cloth, as his wife with blonde hair and wearing a pair of pearl earrings, dark blue sleeveless dress, looks on to him, while having dinner

A group of friends eating appetizers at a restaurant
Three young women and a man with dark hair, wearing casual clothes, sitting on dark gray sofa chairs, sample some cheesy appetizer on the beige square table in front of them

A couple having a pizza and wine date
A woman with blonde hair, wearing a white sweatshirt and dark pink heels, smiles while having a fun conversation with a man with brown hair, wearing a white polo shirt and pants, brown shoes, as they sit on a teal chair behind a round table with white table cloth, to eat pizza and drink wine

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