People In Swimming Pools Collection 3 Cartoon Clipart

$45 $24


Bundle of images includes the following:

Three friends enjoying a dip in the pool
Two men and a woman with brown hair, enjoy a dip in a small pear shaped swimming pool, with grayish beige tiles and a steel ladder, as the guy with black hair uses a yellow round floater to keep himself afloat the water

A group of friends having a great time in the pool
A group of five people having fun in a large rectangular pool, with light gray border and a blue slide, a yellow round pool ring floats in the water, as a woman with brown hair and wearing a reddish pink bikini relaxes on a green float bed, a man with brown hair and wearing red shorts slide down the mini pool slide

A party of four enjoying a swim party
Two men and two women using an orange and pink ring pool floaters, enjoys a dip in the pear shaped swimming pool with grayish beige tile border

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