People Moving Collection 2 Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A mover giving a package box to the man below the truck
A man wearing a grayish blue cap, sweatshirt with collar, gray pants and dark gray shoes, smirks while fixing the stack of brown boxes inside the red truck, as a man with gray hair, wearing a grayish green sweatshirt, brown pants and gray shoes, smirks while carrying a brown box in his hands, as his wife with ponytailed brown hair, wearing a gray sweatshirt, lavender pants and mustard yellow shoes looks on

A woman sealing the box in front of her
A woman with curly brown hair, wearing a grayish blue jacket over gray shirt, brownish gray pants and lavender shoes, kneels on the floor as she smirks while holding a tape roller in her left hand, to seal the brown box in front of her

A woman packing moving boxes
A woman with short blond hair, wearing a gray shirt, smirks while holding a pinkish purple cloth in her left hand, as she organizes the large brown boxes around her

A family packing together
A woman with reddish brown hair, wearing a pinkish purple shirt, gray pants and shoes, and a young man with curly brown hair, wearing a green shirt and light brown pants, sit on a mint green sofa chair, in between a young boy with brown hair wearing an greenish yellow shirt, sitting on the floor, as they smile while rearranging and packing several brown boxes

A woman arranging her jars inside the box
A woman with black hair, wearing a sleeveless orange top and light brown pants, smirk while placing purple jars inside a brown box with mini round foams, as her husband with brown hair, wearing a gray polo shirt and green pants, arrange more boxes behind her

Three young men packing up their belongings
Three young men with dark hair and wearing casual clothes, smile and hold several items like boxes, envelopes and wallet in their hands

A woman sealing a box with a tape dispenser
A woman with brown hair, wearing a gray sweatshirt, lavender leggings and peachy pink shoes, smirks while bending down to seal the brown box using a tape roller

A couple packing plates
A woman with brown black hair, wearing a black shirt, neon green pants and red shoes, smirk while kneeling down on the floor as she holds several white plates in her hands, as her husband with short black hair, wearing a white shirt, blue pants and black shoes, sit on the floor as he arranges the plates in a light brown box, before they move out of their house with several packages and boxes

A woman packing a fragile vase
A woman with braided dark brown hair, wearing a white collared blouse and blue jeans, kneel down on the floor with lots of light brown boxes in different sizes, as she packs the glass vase in her left hand, to the white protective wrapper and light brown box

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