Planets Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

The planet Earth
A round planet with green continents and blue oceans

The planet Jupiter
A round planet that looks like a big marble with beige, olive green, white, orange and pale red swirls

The planet Mars
A round red planet with uneven surface and structure

The planet Mercury
A round red planet with golden surface, blue and yellow marks, white with blue and orange star like scattered patterns, purple, orange and yellow spots

The planet Neptune
A big round planet with white clouds, that is spinning around

The dwarf planet Pluto
A round dwarf planet with tones of brown, spots and uneven surface

The planet Saturn
A big planet with brown, beige, red marble stripes, surrounded by different tones of brown slanted rings surrounding the planet

The planet Uranus
A big round planet with a teal blue atmosphere, tones of blue wavy stripes, and a slanted teal ring surrounding it

The planet Venus
A round planet in deep brown and pale yellow tone, with streaks of beige and brown

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