Popular Sayings Collection 7

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Bundle of images includes the following:

Two Faced
A two faced guy wearing a greenish gray shirt, dark gray pants and light gray shoes, a smiling nice boy image on the right, and a naughty mischievous face on the left

Eager Beaver
A brown beaver with grayish brown hands, feet and wide tail, beams with happiness and eagerness

A man with blonde hair, wearing a white shirt, grayish blue pants and pale light brown shoes, grits his teeth while looking disgusted, agitated and scared, as ants crawl all over his body

Cutting Corners
A man with dark blonde hair, wearing a dark brown shirt, grayish blue pants and gray shoes, smirks while cutting the corners of a white paper in his right hand, using a pair of stainless scissors in his left hand

Rags to Riches
A poor guy with brown hair, scruffy mustache and beard, wearing a tattered pale purple jacket, green shirt, bluish gray pants and a torn right shoe, frowns as he transforms into a rich guy wearing a dark gray hat, suit and shoes, white dress shirt, gray bow tie and pants, a golden necklace with a big round gold pendant, while grinning and holding bundles on money in his hands

All Ears
A man with big ears and brown hair, wearing a white dress shirt, dark gray necktie and shoes, gray pants, smirks while placing both hands on his hips

Bull Headed
A reddish brown bull head with a muscular body wearing a white dress shirt, dark gray necktie and shoes, gray pants, looking furious as hell

Yes Man
A man with brown hair, wearing a white dress shirt, grayish brown pants and dark gray shoes, smiles with sealed lips, numerous words saying YES are flashing all around him

Good versus Evil
A red devil and a blonde guardian angel punching each other, hands wearing a light blue and white padded boxing gloves

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