Pure Bred Cat Collection 5 Cartoon Clipart

$45 $24


Bundle of images includes the following:

A FoldEx Cat
A chubby gray cat with dark gray stripes, dark yellow eyes and nose as well as white whiskers, resting comfortably on the floor

A German Rex cat
A short haired brown cat with dark brown patterns on its body, yellow eyes and black whiskers, sits on the floor and turns its head back to look ahead

A Havana Brown cat
A lean brown cat with green eyes, pink nose and white whiskers, sitting straight on the floor while turning its head to the left

A Highlander cat
A furry gray cat with black stripes and bobbed tail, pink nose and white whiskers, stretches on the floor

A Himalayan cat
A cute cat with white, light brown and dark brown fur, blue eyes and white whiskers, looks down to its right, while sitting comfortably on the floor

A Japanese Bobtail cat
A white cat with brown and black marks on its head and back, bobbed tail with pink nose and white whiskers, lifting its left front paw slightly to play

A Javanese cat
A brownish gray cat, with long furry black tail, white whiskers and gray eyes, sits straight on the floor, looking to its right

A Khao Manee cat
A sleek white cat with blue right eye and yellow left eye, stands curiously with its tail swaying up

A Korat cat
A cute brown cat, with yellow eyes and black nose with white whiskers, sitting on the floor

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