Pure Bred Cat Collection 6 Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A Korean Bobtail cat
A light gray cat with dark brown spots, blue eyes and white whiskers as well as a trademark bobbed tail, stands on a surface and turns its head to the right

A Korn Ja cat
A sleek black cat with black nose, luminous white eyes and whiskers, sitting on the floor to rest

A Kurilian Bobtail cat
A furry orange cat with dark orange stripes, short tail with bright orange nose and white whiskers, walking slowly with its head turning toward its right

A La Perm cat
A furry orange cat with tiny stripe dark orange marks, half sitting on the floor, while turning its head to the left

A Lykoi cat
An old looking short haired gray cat, with yellow eyes and black nose, looks above trying to catch a glimpse of something

A Maine Coon cat
A very furry gray and white cat with dark gray stripe marks, yellow eyes and black nose, resting on the floor with its head turned to the right to look ahead

A Manx longhair cat
A cute white with brownish furred cat, with dark brown patches on its body, yellow eye with pink nose and white whiskers, slightly looks up while trying to stand up on the floor

A Manx cat
Left side view of a white cat with a few brown and black spots, dark eyes and pink nose with white whiskers, as well as a bobbed brown tail, stands up on the floor while turning its head to the left

A Mekong Bobtail cat
A white cat with light gray stripes, pink nose and blue eyes, sitting comfortably on the floor, while turning its head back adoringly

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