Scared Women Collection Cartoon Clipart

$45 $24


Bundle of images includes the following:

A woman afraid of something or someone
A woman with blonde hair, wearing a pink sweater, black cropped pants, brown with white sneakers, covers her mouth with her hands, while shaking in terror

A woman screaming in fear
A woman with short black hair, wearing a blue shirt, light brown pants and gray shoes, screams while covering her ears with her hands, as she shakes in terror

A horrified Indian woman
An Indian girl with braided black hair, wearing an orange long sleeved blouse, sky blue pants, green shoes, white pearl earrings, a red dot on her forehead, bites her teeth as she shakes uncontrollably in terror

A young woman with glasses looking horrified and scared
A woman with long brown hair, wearing a pair of red rimmed round glasses, white shirt, fuchsia skirt, white socks, red with white sneakers, grits her teeth and lifts her hands to the right while shaking uncontrollably in terror

A black (African American) woman shakes in fear
A black (African American) woman with short curly hair, wearing a sky blue shirt, violet pants, purple with white shoes, sitting on the floor as she shakes violently while biting the nails of her right hand, a small tear falling down from her left eye

A woman shaking violently in fear
A woman with orange hair, wearing a white shirt, pink pants, orange and white sneakers, sits down while touching her head with both hands, as she shakes uncontrollably in fear

A young woman terrified of the future
A woman with blonde hair, wearing an apple green shirt, white pants, blue with white sneakers, sitting on the floor, as she shuts her eyes and hugs her legs, while shaking nervously in fear, a small tear drops from her closed left eye

A scared woman with a flashlight
A woman with ponytailed brown hair, wearing a yellow bandana and long dress, white with pink socks, grits her teeth while shaking uncontrollably in fear, while holding a blue flashlight in her right hand

A fearful black (African American) woman running away from something
A black (African American) woman with curly hair, wearing an orange headband, white shirt, blue pants, pink with white shoes, screams while running away so fast, as she shakes uncontrollably in horror

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