Sea Creatures Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A big sea turtle
A green sea turtle with a grayish shell at the back of his spine, two big paddle arms in front, and legs at the back

A spiky seahorse
A yellow deep sea creature with a head shaped like a horse, and curled tail, with spiky spine and a fan shaped fin at the center

A serious looking yellowfish
A fat fish with golden yellow scales, with fins and gills, big white eyeball and black iris at the center, swimming seriously

A charming shark
A sleek and long gray shark, with the popular fins at the back and spine, five gills on the side that act as its breather under water

A flexible octopus
A pink big octopus, with eight legs with tentacles, swinging and moving all over, a big white eye with black center near the bottom of the head

A wide stingray
A dark gray stingray with long stinger at the back, fins stretched out wide like it is flying under water, big white eyeball with black iris stares ahead

A crabby big crab
A dark green shelled crab, with two large claws in front and four legs on each side, stares ahead with its two eyes

A translucent jellyfish
A bright light blue jellyfish with soft legs or tentacles, swimming in the sea

A spiny starfish
An image of a light brown starfish, with five legs spread out on each side, a slightly textured spikes adorn its body

A playful dolphin
A cute and adorable looking gray dolphin, jumping out of water, moving its fins, short beak sealed in a smile

A sleek electric eel
A gray long and sleek eel, swimming in curves, lips sealed in a smile

A cute clownfish
An orange sea fish with white stripes known as the clownfish, with fins having a dark red brownish border, fish lips sealed in a smirk

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