Spa Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A Rolled Up Towel Essential Oil Candle and Massage Stones
Relaxing spa materials like a blue towel with a pink flower on top, a bottle of aromatic oil sealed with a cork, white candle, black stones, and a green leaves

Spa Stones Rolled Up Towels and Candles
Relaxing spa materials like three blue towels, two white candles, two small blue candles, black stones, and white flowers

Candles Towels and Orchids
Relaxing spa materials like a two cream towels with white flowers on top, two green candles, three small yellow candles, gray pebbles placed on top of each other, and green leaves

Relaxing Spa Collection
Relaxing spa essentials like a rolled gray and green towels, with a white with pink flower petal on top, green leaves, a green bowl of aromatic liquid, two purple candles, three smaller green candles

Essential Spa Scrub Collection
Relaxing spa materials like two fluffy light gray rolled towels, placed on a wooden tray, with tiny red flowers on top, a wooden bowl of scrubbing salt, three cream candles of different sizes placed on another wooden tray

Essential Spa Massage Collection
Relaxing spa essentials like a yellow rolled towel with orange flowers on top, a bottle of yellow aroma therapy oil sealed with a brown cork cap, dark brown stones, a wooden tray housing a small cream candle, as well as some green leaves

An Orchid Rolled Up Towel Candles and Spa Stones
Relaxing spa materials like a cream folded towel, pink with white flowers with green stem, two white candles, black stones, and a green leaves

Relaxing Spa Materials For Massage
Relaxing spa essentials with fluffy white towels, green candle, blue bottles of massage oils, dark gray pebbles, and violet orchid

Candles Massage Stones An Orchid and A Towel
Relaxing spa essentials such as black smooth stones, rolled beige towel, two white candles of different sizes, and violet orchids