Story Book Characters Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

The three little pigs
Three pink pigs with blue eyes and round nose, wearing jumpers of different colors, in green light brown and brownish red, hands wearing white gloves, embraces each other in a line, looking happy and cheerful

A little black sheep
A sheep with black wool and body, lips parted in a smile and eyes closed in happiness and glee

Humpty Dumpty wearing a cap
A large white egg with a crack behind, blue eyes and wearing a light blue shirt, black belt with gold buckle, brown pants and red shoes with white sole and gold buckle, red and white striped cap with a yellow happy face in front, both hands wearing a pair of gray gloves, seals his lips to smile. From the Humpty Dumpty Storybook.

Little Bo Peep
A young girl with blonde hair, covered by a large tan colored hat with blue strap, wears a blue dress with a bow tie, white apron with pink ruffles, white stockings and black shoes, holds a wooden staff on her hands

Little Red Riding Hood
A little girl wearing a red hood cape tied below her chin, wears a white blouse, black corset and baby blue skirt, with white leggings and black boots, swings the brown basket she is holding as she opens her mouth to smile, showing her pearly whites.

Rapunzel with her long golden hair
A woman with super long golden blonde hair, smiles while wearing a blue dress with green shoes

Rumpelstiltskin standing with one hand on his hip
A scary looking dwarf creature with pointed ears and nose, wears a red elf hat, long sleeved shirt, an olive green scarf and tapered skirt secured by a black belt with golden buckle, pointed green shoes, lips parted to grin

Simple Simon
A boy with blonde hair, wearing an orange shirt and brown pants, sits on a wooden stool with a warm pie beside him, waits patiently as he fishes from a silver pail of water using a brown wooden stick tied with a string

The Muffin Man Holding A Tray of Muffins
Cartoon image of a man with brown mustache, wearing a white toque, apron and red scarf around his neck, olive green shirt, blue jeans and black shoes, carries a tray of brown muffins

The Gingerbread Man
A brown and baked gingerbread man with green icing bow, white sleeve icing, and two red gumdrop buttons, raises its left arm in the air, lifting its right leg, eyes and mouth opened wide in happiness

Three Blind Mice
Cartoon image of the three gray blind mice, wearing round eyeglasses, holding a wooden walking stick, the last mouse in particular, lifts the stick with yellow cheese in the air

Twinkle twinkle little star
Cartoon image of a golden star with blue eyes, blushing cheeks and smiling face, twinkling in the midnight blue sky with smaller stars

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