Sushi Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A piece of toro sushi
A sushi composed of vinegared rice with a fresh raw tuna on top, also known as toro

A maki roll combo
A sushi roll known as maki, with a white vinegared rice, cream colored uni, sided with a piece of lettuce, rolled onto a pinkish red piece of raw tuna and green nori

A piece of ebi nigiri sushi
A sushi composed of vinegared white rice, with a slice of poached orange shrimp on top

A serving of sushi soy sauce
A white bowl with dark soy sauce content, used to compliment a sushi

A piece of caviar sushi
A rolled nori with orange caviar on top, decorated by two slices of cucumber on the side

A pair of chopsticks on a tiny bowl
Two long sticks of wood placed on top of a white circular tiny bowl, used for eating Japanese food

A bottle of sushi sauce
A tilted transparent bottle with blue cap, a dark brown soy sauce inside that is used to compliment a sushi

A rolled maki
A piece of cylindrical shaped sushi, with white rice in the middle, yellow, orange and green toppings, wrapped by a dark green nori

Bamboo sushi mats
Two pieces of mats used to roll sushi, with greenish brown bamboo strips held on by a flexible beige binder

A wooden bowl called hangiri
A round wooden bowl that is used to mix rice for sushi, with gray panels in the middle to bind the top portion from the bottom

A Japanese fan
A piece of paper fan, with wooden handle and a large red circle over a white background, symbolizing the flag of Japan

An octopus sushi
A kind of sushi with a slice of pinkish poached octopus tentacles, on top of a vinegared white rice, strapped on by a strip of green nori

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