Women Swimming Collection Cartoon Clipart

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A Swimming Indian Woman
An Indian woman with wavy brown hair, red mark on her forehead, wearing a purple two piece swimsuit, smiles while swimming

A Woman Having Fun Swimming
A black woman with curly hair, wearing a pair of pink goggles, red arm floaters, yellow sleeveless top, orange shorts, smiles while swimming freestyle

A Woman Swimming Underwater
A woman with blonde hair, wearing an orange bra with white dots printed on the cup, blue denim shorts, red goggles, holds her breath while swimming underwater

A Happy Woman Swimming In Water
A black woman with short curly hair, wearing a pink shirt, purple shorts, smiles while swimming freestyle

A Female Swimmer
A woman with short blonde hair, wearing a two piece red bikini, smiles while extending her arms forward and moving her legs to swim

A Woman Swimming Backstroke
A woman with long blonde hair, wearing a dark gray with pink wetsuit, shuts her eyes and relaxes while backstroke swimming

A Woman Swimming Breaststroke
A woman with black hair, wearing a green two piece bikini, swimming underwater using a breaststroke technique

A Happy Swimming Woman
A woman with blonde hair, wearing a two piece pink bikini, smiles in delight while swimming underwater

A Woman Swimming Freestyle
A woman with ponytailed brown hair, wearing a two piece yellow bikini with white waves, smiles and looks ahead while swimming freestyle