Zoo Animals Collection 5 Cartoon Clipart

$45 $24


Bundle of images includes the following:

An Otter
An animal with brown skin whiskers, black nose and four short legs, wide tail, looking ahead in a very cute way

A Reindeer
An animal with brown hair, dark brown hoof, nose and antlers, looking ahead in a charming way

A Snow Leopard
An animal with gray short fur with black spots, black nose and whiskers, stops to look ahead in a very adorable and cute manner

A Tortoise
An animal with green skin, a tough dark green outer dome shell, four short legs, looks ahead while crawling

A Toucan
A bird with black and white feathers, yellow mark near the eye, an orange with red tip bill, orange feet, rests on a brown tree branch

A Tree Frog
A slimy green with yellow and blue frog, with round red and black eyes as well as orange feet, looking ready to leap

A Vervet Monkey
An animal with gray hair, long tail with a dark gray tip, hands and feet and face, walking sideways while staring ahead in a cute manner

A Warthog
An animal with dark brown skin, dark gray hoof, black mane and piggy like muzzle with cream colored tusks, smirks while walking away

A Wolf
An animal with silver gray and white fur, black nose, four legs and furry tail, looking adorable and shy

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