Choking Collection Tom

Choking Collection Tom

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9 Royalty Free Clipart Cartoons:

  • A Struggling Male Down On His Knees While Choking
  • A Choking Male Reaches Out For Help
  • A Struggling Male Tries To Relieve Himself From Something That Choked His
  • A Struggling Male Trying To Remove The Rope That Is Choking Him To Death
  • A Man Trying To Cough Out Something That Is Choking Him
  • A Struggling Male Grabs A Hold Of His Neck While Choking
  • A Choking Male On The Floor Asks For Help
  • A Struggling Male Trying To Relieve Himself From Choking
  • A Choking Male Tries To Breathe By Hitting His Chest

Tags: adult | air flow | asphyxiate | blonde | breathe | breathing | cannot breathe | choke | choke off | choking | clog | clog up | condition | congest | constrict | coughing | gag | grasp | grasping | grownup | hurt | individual | jam | lungs | male | man | neck | obstruct | on the floor | person | reach | reaching | reaching out | respiration | respire | single | someone | squeeze | strangle | suffer | suffocate | suppress | take a breath | wheezing |
Download the infinitely scalable vector graphic for the price shown, instantly. Our commercial use license is very liberal and easy to understand.
  • Use in YouTube videos
  • Use in blog posts
  • Print out and use in personal projects
  • Print and use in crafts for sale
  • Print on merchandise for sale
  • Edit and modify
  • Use on Pinterest
  • Use on Facebook
  • Use On Twitter
  • Use in a slide presentation
  • Use in marketing materials (print, video, web)
  • Use in client work

You can NOT relicense our clipart without permission. This means you can't sell, lend or give our clipart to a third party to use in their own projects.

See the entire license here.

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