Female Anthropologists Collection

Female Anthropologists Collection

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A Female Anthropologist Studying A Cracked Skull
A woman with blonde hair, wearing a red headband, red blouse with collar, white dress jacket, a pair of red rimmed round eyeglasses, smiles while inspecting using a gray magnifying glass in her right hand, a human skull with cracks that she placed on top of the brown table, and beside a brown book that is being used for reference

A Female Anthropologist Taking Notes About A Discovered Cracked Skull
A woman with ponytailed blonde hair, wearing a sky blue shirt, light blue gloves, smiles while standing behind a brown table, as she takes down notes on a piece of white paper on a brown clipboard, and a pencil in her left hand, several observations and findings from inspecting the cracked skull and pieces of bones on the table

A Female Anthropologist Arranging A Skeleton
A woman with short blonde hair, wearing a pair of eyeglasses, purple shirt under a white laboratory coat, tinted red lips, smiles while arranging a set of human bones and skull on a blue mat, settled on top of a brown table

A Female Anthropologist Taking Down Notes After Studying Some Bones
A woman with long brown hair, wearing a pair of eyeglasses, pink dress under a white lab coat, smiles while standing behind a light blue desk, as she writes her findings and observations about the bones on the soil inside a yellow tray, on a gray clipboard using a blue pen in her left hand

A Female Anthropologist Cleaning Recently Unearthed Bones
A woman with curly blonde hair tied in a bun tail, wearing a dark pink with white cap, white lab coat over a blue shirt, gray pants, purple shoes, smirks and gets down on her right knee, while brushing some sediments of the soil, that keeps the skulls and bones on the floor

A Female Anthropologist Checking Out Tiny Bones
A woman with black hair tied up, wearing a red headband, pink button up shirt with collar and folded sleeves, white pants, blue shoes, smiles while inspecting some tiny bones mixed with soil on a brown table

A Female Anthropologist Looking At A Cracked Skull Closely
A woman with brown hair, wearing a pair of eyeglasses, white lab coat over a yellow blouse, brown skirt, black heels, smirks in a discerning way, while observing the cracked skull in her right hand, using a black magnifying glass in her left hand

A Black Female Anthropologist Digging Up A Skeleton Buried Under The Soil
A black woman with curly hair, wearing a blue visor, white cloth mask that has been pulled down to her chin, a green unbuttoned blouse over a white sweatshirt, light blue pants, black shoes, kneels on the mud that has been cordoned by a yellow rope barriers, as she inspects and digs a set of buried human bones and skull

A Female Anthropologist Arranging A Discovered Skeletal System
A woman with dark brown hair tied up in a ponytail, wearing a red with white cap, protective glasses, khaki colored sweatshirt, blue pants, smiles while kneeling on a dug soil, as she places several parts of an unearthed human bones and skull on a blue mat beside her

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