In Uniform Collection Tom

In Uniform Collection Tom

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A happy blonde doctor holding a stethoscope

A blonde man with blue eyes in the medical field wearing black rimmed eye glasses and white trench coat over a light blue collared shirt with red tie and black pants and black belt and shoes holds a stethoscope on his right hand

A blonde male nurse in uniform on duty

A blonde man with blue eyes in the medical field stands attentively in his all white nurse uniform with buttons on the right lapel

An attentive blonde flight attendant

A blonde man with blue eyes in the airline industry stands attentively and waiting for passengers to board while wearing a black vest and pants over a white short sleeved shirt with red necktie

A blonde policeman relaxed and standing on guard

A blonde man with blue eyes in the police field poses and stands on guard while wearing a blue and black hat with light blue collared shirt with badges and black pants being tightened with a black belt

A happy and confident blonde firefighter in uniform

A blonde man with blue eyes in the firefighting field wears an orange fire resistant uniform with yellow reflectors for visibility and a red helmet being held by his right hand

A brave and proud blonde soldier

A blonde man with blue eyes in the military field standing straight and firm in his army camouflage uniform with a small blue patch on the left side part of the arm

A smiling blonde plumber carrying a wrench

A blonde man with blue eyes wearing a blue trucker hat and denim jump suit over a light blue collared shirt and black shies holds a red pipe wrench on his right hand

A happy blonde male ambulance worker carrying a first aid kit

A blonde man with blue eyes in the emergency and ambulance profession stands and poses wearing his light blue collared shirt tucked into a black pants with black belt and is carrying a red medical kit with a red cross sign on his left hand

A friendly blonde food server carrying a tray

A blonde man with blue eyes in the food service industry wearing a red cap and red collared shirt with yellow accent and black pants while carrying a tray on his right hand
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