Women Getting The Death Penalty Collection

Women Getting The Death Penalty Collection

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Bundle of images includes the following:

A Woman Sentenced To Death In A Guillotine
A woman with brown hair, wearing a yellow shirt, gray pants, cries and kneels on a wooden platform of a pulley with sharp blade, that will cut off her head

A Woman Being Buried Alive
A woman with blonde hair, wearing a white shirt, screams in horror while her body is half buried six feet under the soil ground

A Woman Sentenced To Death By Burning
A woman with black hair, wearing a green shirt, white skirt, frowns while being tied on a wooden trunk, with sliced branches of trees are placed around her to burn her alive

A Woman Inside A Gas Chamber
A woman with dark brown hair, wearing a dark gray shirt, green pants, shuts her eyes to cry, as she is sitting and tied on a chair with straps, inside a green gas chamber

A Woman Being Stoned And Buried Alive
A Woman with orange blonde hair, wearing a red shirt, face swollen and full of blood, as she cries while being stoned to death alive, as half of her body is buried underground

A Black Woman Sitting On An Electric Chair
A black woman with curly hair, wearing an orange shirt, yellow green pants, black shoes, frowns in sadness while sitting and strapped on an electric chair

A Woman Killed By Hanging
A woman with blonde hair, wearing a blue shirt, purple pants, a dark grayish brown cloth tied around her eyes, hanging lifeless in a gallows

A Woman Lying On An Execution Bed
A woman with ponytailed brown hair, wearing a red shirt, teal pants, brown shoes, eyes covered by a white cloth, as she spreads her arms sideways while lying down and strapped on an execution bed

A Black Woman Being Executed
A black woman with curly hair, wearing a purple shirt, red pants, blue shoes, fuchsia cloth covering her eyes, frowns while tied on a muddy pole for public execution

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