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Quickly convert PDF vectors to other formats with actions and batch automation

Whenever you download one or more of our vector bundles, you may need to convert the PDFs into another format, say PNG or Gif. If you use Photoshop, you can create an action that does this conversion for you and apply that action to a bunch of images called a “batch.”

An action is a mini recording of a series of commands and you can create actions for anything, adding a watermark, applying a filter, or changing the size of an image for example. Instead of endless repeating the same steps per each file, a batch can be performed which uses your desired action on a whole folder of images making your life easier and less tedious.

First you need to learn how to create an action. This video will show you how.

Now you need to apply a batch to those images using the action you just created.

Adobe also provides this helpful page all about actions:

GIMP, a free Photoshop alternative, also offers image batch from the command line . If you are looking for pre-made scripts and extensions, check this registry here:

If you are using InkScape, batching is a little trickier, but can still be done. You will need to use the command line of InkScape and additional software like Image Magick–  free software which converts files from one format to another– via the command line in InkScape. This article shows you how:

You can also download and use Picasa by Google which offers free batch processing of images or Infran View (also free).

Here’s a  video showing the conversion batch process

You can also  use  any number of stand-alone conversion software such as the ones listed on this page.

If you are on a  Mac, use Automator, which comes free with your computer.